M12 connectors are established as one of the most reliable and efficient connection standards for Industrial Machinery and Factory Automation applications. With a small footprint, extremely low failure rate and high performance capabilities, this range is ideal not only for sensor connections but also for various fieldbus systems.

With a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability, our M12 connectors and cables provide a cost effective and flexible plug & play connectivity solution for onsite installations, helping to decrease downtime in process control, manufacturing automation and industrial instrumentation applications.

Key Features


Industry standard screw locking mechanism

IP67 degree of protection

A, B and D Coded versions

Field installable, cable and panel mount options

Plastic and metal, straight and right-angled variants

Pole variants from 3 – 12

Shielded options

Overmolded PVC or PUR cable connectors





M12 Series

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  1. M12 Series Right-Angle Overmould Flex Cable Connectors
  2. M12 Series Female Overmould Flex Body Cable Connectors
  3. M12 Series Male In-Line Overmould Flex Cable Connectors
  4. M12 Series Polyamide Right-Angle Flex Body Connectors
  5. M12 Series Brass Nickel Plated Female Flex Body Connectors
  6. M12 Series Polyamide Female Flex Body Connectors
  7. M12 Series Brass Nickel Plated Male In-Line Flex Body Connectors
  8. M12 Series Polyamide Male In-Line Flex Body Connectors
  9. M12 Series Rear Panel Mount Connectors

    M12 Rear Panel Mount Connectors, Male or Female, PCB Terminal

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    PG9, M16 or M12 Mounting Nut Thread
  10. M12 Series Sealing Caps

    M12 Series Sealing Caps, Metal or Plastic

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    M12 Series Sealing Caps
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10 Item(s)