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MATE student sample requests
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  • Jared
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    The Cal Poly Robotics club is a student-led club at the California Polytechnic State University SLO, that sponsors many different robotics projects. One of the teams has been working on a UROV for the MATE competition. Check the team out at
    Our team is hoping to compete at the international MATE 2020 competition at the Explorer level. We were just looking for connectors for our digital cameras when we heard about the sponsorship from Bulgin. Looking at the products you offer, the following connectors and accessories were of interest:
    3x PXP4010/04P/3035
    3x PXP4013/04P
    3x SA3348/1
    3x SA3347/1
    We would be willing to provide any documentation that you require. Feel free to contact me anytime.
    Thank You,

    Brian Garlick
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    Good evening, I’m an advisor for a MATE Pennsylvania team. We’re excited for the opportunity to try out your waterproof connectors. We’re thinking of incorporating them into our Ranger class ROV. We currently use VideoRay tether, and want to make sure your connectors can be used for our Micro-ROV. We just had a chance today at our Underwater Robotics club meeting after school, to begin researching your site and the available connectors. We plan to place our formal request with specific Item #’s tomorrow. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and may we please formally recognize you as one of our sponsors, with company logos on all of our documents, posters and the UROV. Looking forward to making this work. All the best
    Brian Garlick

    Brian Garlick
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    Okay, back at school with the list in front of me. We were hoping to utilize the 900 Series Buccaneer Connectors.
    Specifically: Flex cable connector – PXO911/10/P
    Flex In-Line Connector – PXO921/10/P
    And, then also the Sealing caps – PXO960
    Our Team name is LionFish Underwater Solutions. This will be our fourth year competing at the PA-MATE Regionals at Villanova U. Last year we finished 5th, predominantly because we didn’t have a good Micro-ROV. We’re confident that with your waterproof connectors, our Micro will function flawlessly and we’re qualify for Internationals. We’ll gladly share documentation, photos and updates as required. Thanks again. Coach Garlick

    Eileen Kennedy
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    Hello Bulgin! We are PING Engineering and would like to formally request a sponsorship from your company.

    PING Engineering is a team of five high school members, four sophomores and one eighth grader. We are currently building a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to compete in the MATE 2020 competition at the RANGER level at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. This will be our third consecutive year competing in the MATE Competition. Our goal is to then move on to the international event at Villanova. However, one big problem comes with connecting the on-board electronics to the poolside control box. Last year, upon arrival at the competition, we were almost disqualified for not having waterproof connectors on the poolside control. As such, we have decided to look into fixing that problem for this year, and believe Bulgin connectors are the perfect solution.

    We have looked into the available Bulgin products, and have found the perfect connectors for us. For power, we have decided to employ the Buccaneer 900 series and for data, we have decided that the Standard Series Ethernet works best. We chose these because we believe they will provide a reliable and easy to use watertight seal for our ROV. More specifically, the products we have chosen are as follows:

    Buccaneer 900 Series:
    – PX0911/02/S (1)
    – PX0893/02/P (1)

    Standard Series Ethernet:
    – PX0893/E (2)
    – PX0894/A (2)

    If we are chosen, it would be our pleasure to send images of Bulgin connectors being utilized on our ROV, as well as any documentation you may require. We are very gracious for the opportunity given to us by Bulgin, and look forward to hearing from you!

    With gratitude, 
    Alex Cacas
    Treasurer of PING Engineering

    You may contact me at :

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    Hi Bulgin! My name is Alissa, and I am a member of the student-lead Columbia University Robotics Club. This is our second year competing in the Explorer class of the MATE ROV Competition. Last year, our team had limited success with our ROV, and ran into many issues with creating robust, waterproof connections. As a result of this, we would like to request a few Bulgin parts. These parts are to be used for electrical connections coming in and out of our ROV’s underwater electronics enclosure. The particular parts that would be most useful for our team will be used for making USB and power connections. Here are the part numbers for the specific items we would like to request:
    USB series:
    – PX0840/B/5M00 (2)
    – PX0844/B/0M50/A (2)
    – PX0835 (2)
    – PX0733 (2)
    Power series:
    – PXA911/03/P/07 (2)
    – PX0990 (2)
    – PX0931/03/S (2)
    – PX0992 (2)
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! We look forward to being able to use these connectors on our ROV and sharing our progress.

    Thanks again,
    Alissa (
    President of CURC

    Luke Hulley
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    Hi Brian… I need your contact email please

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    Nautilus ROV is a team of students from the University of Aberdeen aiming to compete at the MATE competition at the EXPLORER level. We are currently in the process of designing and manufacturing our team’s first ROV and were interested in using Bulgin connectors for ensuring a reliable, waterproof connection from the tether to the electronics/power enclosure as well as for interfacing with externally mounted hardware
    Request for connector samples:
    PX0911/03/P – 1pcs.
    PX0931/03/S – 1pcs.
    PX0731/P – 2pcs.
    PX0730/S – 2pcs.
    PX0837/2M00 – 2pcs.
    PX0834/A – 2pcs.
    PX0777 – 2pcs.
    We look forward to hearing from you,
    Nautilus ROV team
    contact e-mail:

    Mark Belbin
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    Hi Bulgin,

    Although the 2020 MATE ROV competition has been cancelled, our team at Eastern Edge Robotics is still improving on our ROV design for the 2021 competition and beyond. We are a legacy team at the competition, approaching 20 years of involvement, and we would greatly appreciate samples from Bulgin to help take our robot to the next level.

    The following connectors would be used in detachable tooling applications, where we can change out old tool and manipulator designs for new ones without needing to re-splice or replace the electrical connections.

    Here are our desired samples:
    PXP4010/04P/3035 x2
    PXP4010/08P/5560 x2
    PXP4011/04S/5055 x2
    PXP4011/08S/5055 x2
    PXP4082 x2
    SA3348/1 x2 packs
    SA3347/1 x2 packs

    You can reach me by email at

    Hope all is well, and thanks,

    Mark Belbin
    Electrical Team Lead

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