The Challenge:

ANPR cameras need to be kept up and running during all weather conditions. The systems require reliable power and data connections which can withstand harsh environmental conditions to allow vehicle movements to be tracked and reported from remote locations. Bulgin was asked to provide a durable and waterproof connectivity solution to eliminate potential downtime for ANPR systems.

The Solution

Buglin’s range of environmentally-sealed Buccaneer connectors offer a robust, easy-to-use solution for power and data connections. Our Standard and Ethernet Buccaneer connectors ensure secure, ‘fit and forget’ connectivity down to -40 °C, even in heavy rain and high winds.

Together with an IP67-rated, vandal-resistant housing and the use of industrial components, this provides a secure, low maintenance solution ideal for use across national road networks.

The Results

Integration of the Standard and Ethernet Buccaneer connectors into the design of roadside ANPR cameras allows continuous operation of vehicle tracking networks, providing consistently high quality images, even under adverse environmental conditions.

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