Fuse Holder Accessories


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Accessories For Fuseholders

Range of Sealing Boots to protect rear of Panel Mount Fuseholders:

- 9820 suits FX0296 Series

- 11327 suits FX0354 Series, FX0357, FX0359, FX0367, FX0369, FX0454 Series, FX0455 Series, FX0458, FX0460, FX0462, FX0463

- 12932 suits FX0415 Series, FX0416 Series

- M873 suits 0345-0347 Series

Clear cover 12760 protects live parts on FX0267, FX0321 Fuseholders

Adaptor washer 12297 converts 'D' Panel Cutout fixing to Anti-Rotation Key fixing for FX0455 Series

Fuseholder Accessories

  • Fuseholder Accessories
9820 Fuseholder Insulation Boot
12760 Fuseholder Insulation Cover
11327 Fuseholder Insulation Boot
12297 Fuseholder Panel Mount Adaptor Washer
12932 Fuseholder Insulation Boot
M873 Fuseholder Insulation Boot
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