Serie M5

The most compact connector type in the M-Series range, our waterproof M5 Sensor Connectors come in straight and angled forms with PVC or PUR overmolded cable connector options and a variety of panel mount receptacles.

Serie M8

Our M8 Circular Connectors and Cables are designed to fulfil the ever growing demand for Sensor, Actuator and Data Connections in Process Control, Industrial Machinery and Factory Automation applications.

Serie M12

Our M12 Connectors provide a cost effective and flexible plug & play connectivity solution for onsite installations - decreasing downtime in Process Control, Manufacturing Automation and Industrial Instrumentation applications.

Serie M16

With excellent EMI Shielding and an environmental protection rating of IP67 when mated, the M16 Connector is an ideal solution for Power and Signal connections in Harsh Environments and Industrial applications.

Serie M23

Providing high performance, reliable and robust connections, these IP67 Rated, A-Coded Signal and Power Connectors offer a high degree of protection against a range of environmental factors

Unidades de distribución pasiva

With their compact design and robust Anodised Aluminium housing (IP67 Sealed and fully potted), our Distribution Units offer high performance and protection against the elements

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