Bulgin is an industry leader in manufacturing reliable electronic solutions for lighting applications around the world. With ambient and environmental conditions such as water, moisture and extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to the performance of outdoor lighting equipment, secure and robust solutions are of paramount importance.

For years we have supported the lighting needs of various infrastructure applications with our industry-leading solutions being used in various indoor, outdoor and industrial applications, from portable lighting for construction to airport flood lights. Our IP rated circular connectors for power, signal and data are particularly suited to providing the high levels of performance needed for such demanding environments. Capable of being submerged in water and able to withstand high levels of UV exposure, they are specifically designed to reduce installation time and excel in challenging environmental conditions.


  • Éclairage routier à LED
  • Éclairage commercial
  • Éclairage externe des immeubles à LED
  • Éclairage portatif pour maintenance routière à LED


  • Éclairage des aéroports par projecteurs
  • Éclairage des salles de sport et stades à LED

Sécurité et surveillance

Security systems are at the heart of all transport and infrastructure. With applications such as surveillance cameras constantly operating in some of the world’s most challenging outdoor environments, reliable data and power transmissions are vital for ensuring that they can operate 24/7 inharsh ambient conditions.

To resolve this issue, we have created a wide variety of standardised rugged, lightweight and sealed connectivity solutions including field installable connectors and overmolded cable assemblies that can also be customised for your specific design and development needs. Whether you require secure and reliable connectors for camera systems or robust anti vandal switches for door entry keypads, we are sure to have the right solution for your security application. We thrive on providing secure and reliable solutions that prevent downtime and minimise maintenance work for applications where security and surveillance are a priority to your operations.


  • Caméras de surveillance routière
  • Caméras LAPI et capteurs
  • Caméras de contrôle des parkings
  • Interrupteurs pour porte de sécurité
  • Digicodes


  • Surveillance et relevés aériens
  • Système de surveillance vidéo de sécurité
  • Systèmes d’alarme portatifs
  • Véhicules de surface sans pilote
  • Caméras de vidéosurveillance

Immeubles et construction

Heavy duty machinery used for construction & building maintenance require components that are equally as rugged as the environments that they operate in. From outdoor lighting and industrial meters to indoor HVAC systems, rest assured that our wide range of switches, indicators and waterproof connectors are built for maximum reliability and performance.


  • Compresseur d’air
  • Bras élévateurs articulés
  • Capteurs de charge sans fil
  • Système de surveillance du terrain / de la boue
  • Compteurs communicants


  • Panneaux de commutation pour portes de sécurité
  • Hygromètres
  • Systèmes de chauffage
  • Systèmes de purification de l’air
  • Systèmes de refuges pour handicapés


The world is constantly changing and we help to keep it moving with our connectivity solutions. With more transport links and vehicles needed than ever before to meet the challenging needs of a growing population, we help to future proof your investment by providing cost effective and high performance solutions that last. Experts in manufacturing sealed electrical connectors, we’ve provided connectivity solutions to transport and infrastructure applications for years.

Particularly suited to provide power, signal & data connections in harsh environments, our reliable connector range makes sure that people and
goods successfully get to their destination by land, sea or air.


  • Éclairage des poids-lourds à LED
  • Maintenance routière
  • Signalisation de limitation de vitesse
  • Signalisation lumineuse des voies de circulation
  • Réfrigération dans les transports


  • Station de surveillance des bruits
  • Unités de refroidissement des conteneurs
  • Équipement de mesure du frottement de surface
  • Station de surveillance des bruits
  • Feux de circulation

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