Renewable Energy.


Renewable energy technologies operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Extreme temperatures, UV exposure, vibrations and water all pose complex challenges in establishing and keeping renewable energy systems operational. With more moving parts than other renewable energy systems, wind turbines in particular require extremely robust connectors to cope with such extreme conditions.

Thoroughly tested and designed specifically to operate reliably in harsh conditions, Bulgin’s rugged power and data connectors are the ideal solutions for green and renewable energy applications including wind and solar energy systems.






Solar Power Inverters

Wind Turbine Vibration

Monitoring System


Solar Lighting Panels

Solar Water Pump Controller


Solar Battery Enclosures


Solar PV Combiner Boxes






Standard Power


Standard Ethernet


900 Series Power


6000 Series Power

  Circular Power Connector    Sealed RJ45 Connectors    Heavy Duty Circular Connectors    Waterproof Circular Connectors 

4000 Series Power


400 Series Power

  Miniature Circular Power Connectors    Miniature Circular Connectors