Passive distribution boxes provide a convenient and compact connectivity solution that can be installed quickly and easily in the field. They offer considerable cost saving benefits when compared to hard-wiring I/O connections due to their pre-wired connector slot configurations which enables numerous sensor and actuator signals to be transmitted back to a control system with ease.

Our passive distribution boxes feature industry standard M12 and M8 I/O connection ports. With a compact design and robust aluminium housing that is IP67 sealed and fully potted, these distribution units offer high performance and protection against elements such as moisture, liquids and dirt in environmentally challenging applications.

Key Features


Anodised Aluminium housing

M12 and M8 I/O ports

Available with or without LED indicators

IP67 rated

5, 8, 9 port configurations

Operating Temp Range -25°C to 80°C






Distribution Units

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  1. M Series Power Distribution Units

    M-Series Passive Distribution I/O Boxes

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    5, 8, and 9 port configurations
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