Our M8 circular connectors and cables are designed to fulfil the ever growing demand for sensor, actuator and data connections in process control, industrial machinery and factory automation applications.

These compact sensor and automation connectors with screw lock coupling are mechanically and chemically robust, easy to install, minimise downtime and help to increase production efficiency. Rated to the IP67 standard, our M8 Series ensure safe, secure and reliable protection from liquids, dust, moisture and dirt whilst also providing great resistance against vibrations to ensure that connections are not disrupted.

Key Features


Straight and right-angled configurations

Quick and secure screw coupling mechanism

A and B coded

Environmental protection class IP67

Field installable, panel mount and overmolded connectors

PVC or PUR jacketed cable variants with lengths 1m – 15m

3, 4 or 5 contacts

Metal and plastic shell options





M8 Series

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9 Item(s)

  1. M8 Series Female Overmould Flex Body Cable Connectors
  2. M8 Series Right-Angle Overmould Flex Cable Connectors
  3. M8 Series Male In-Line Overmould Flex Cable Connectors
  4. M8 Series Brass Nickel Plated Female Flex Body Connectors
  5. M8 Series Polyamide Female Flex Body Connectors
  6. M8 Series Brass Nickel Plated Male In-Line Flex Body Connectors
  7. M8 Series Polyamide Male In-Line Flex Body Connectors
  8. M8 Series Front Panel Mount Connectors
  9. M8 Series Rear Panel Mount Connectors
Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)