ISO 9001

Good design, high quality and maximum value have formed an integral part of the Bulgin philosophy throughout its history. We maintain a documented quality plan specifying process and product goals and are approved by SGS to ISO 9001.

Investment in new plant and equipment makes an important contribution to continuous quality improvements. The risk of errors in the transition from design to manufacture is greatly reduced by the digital data flows from our CAD system, and our sophisticated automatic manufacturing equipment which can form and assemble components to consistently high quality standards.

Two ISO9001 approvals cover our design and manufacturing sites: certificate UK ISO 9001 covers our design procedures, and certificate Tunis ISO 9001 our manufacture processes.



All new products are extensively pre-production tested, in our dedicated electrical and mechanical test facility, which also conducts regular checks during manufacture. The numerous international safety approvals gained are testimony in themselves to Bulgin’s ongoing commitment to quality and the world wide market place.




The CE Marking Directive

Equipment bearing the CE mark is allowed free circulation throughout Europe. The products on this website, when installed correctly, comply with the CE requirements where it relates to them.

The Low Voltage Directive

 The Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC seeks to ensure that electrical equipment within certain limits both provides a high level of protection for European citizens and enjoys a single market in the European Union. Where applicable, Bulgin products comply with the requirements of this directive.