Our Approach

After seeing an advertisement for Bulgin, Aqua Control, from Spring Valley, IL, asked Bulgin to send sample connectors to Aqua Control, in the US, at a time where there was no US distributor. It was made clear that whichever connector Aqua Control chose would be dealing with fresh water, small ponds, large salt water bays, ocean salt grade water and chemical applications, so we had to send samples of our connectors. Supporting the water fountains manufacturers throughout the testing process, the company settled on the 900 Buccaneer Series.

The Solution

The solution was quite simple. The 900 Buccaneer Series connector. As the largest connector in the Buccaneer range, it has a large cable capacity of 22mm making it suitable for carrying high amperage.

The Implementation

This is perfect for industrial pumps, motors and fans – exactly what Aqua Control needed. The connector is ideal for high power ratings, reliable, robust and secure power connections. Due to the quick disconnect feature, this meant for Aqua Control that fountain maintenance and management can be completed more frequently and efficiently.

It’s nice to know that the connector is one point that we don’t see failures

The Results

The most important result of this collaboration is that the quality and reliability of the overall product for the end consumer have been increased. Creating a secure connection for the harsh environments that the electrical connections endure within the fountains was the real aim. The company is now able to test and quality check the fountains more efficiently and frequently thanks to the Bulgin connector. “We have plenty of other places that things can go wrong. In our motors, in our pumps, being that we are underwater. we are in harsher conditions; it’s nice to know that the connector is one point that we don’t see failures.” said Rob Hank, Design Engineer at Aqua Control.

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