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Medical Market Applications

High performance and dependability are crucially important in medical technologies. This is why Bulgin’s reliable and robust components are used in all...



Bulgin is an industry leader in manufacturing reliable electronic solutions for lighting applications around the world. With ambient and environmental conditions such...



Marine applications such as ship deck systems, marina facilities and boating equipment are constantly exposed to the harshest of conditions. With high...


Instrumentation and Measurement

Instrumentation and measurement systems are vital for ensuring productivity, reliability, safety and continuity in the industrial sector. Accurate and consistent measurements allow...



Industrial environments are often exposed to many harsh elements such as water, vibration, chemicals and extreme temperatures, but with demand growing for...


Entertainment and Hospitality

Power connections and switches are fundamental for activating and controlling a variety of electronic equipment in entertainment and hospitality applications. Whether you...


Data and Telecoms

With the rise of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and the race for superfast broadband in recent years,...


Consumer Goods

Robust Consumer Electronics. Operating in a more robust sector of the consumer electronics market, our products provide the user interfaces for power,...


Buildings & Construction

Heavy duty machinery used for construction & building maintenance require components that are equally as rugged as the environments that they operate...



An ever growing population calls for more vehicles to fulfil transportation needs. The rise of autonomous cars and increasingly connected vehicles also...

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