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High performance and dependability are crucially important in medical technologies. This is why Bulgin’s reliable and robust components are used in all areas of the medical industry from the production of pharmaceutical drugs to therapeutic, imaging, diagnostics and patient monitoring devices. Bulgin are proud to be recognised as a key manufacturer of medical connectivity solutions and supporting the worldwide Medical Industry in its fight against COVID-19. If you’re struggling to receive medical critical product, please contact us directly on

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Inner Workings of Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are usually controlled by a ‘controller’ that is mounted inside the traffic light cabinet. Traditionally electromechanical controllers were used for...


Advantages of Fiber Optics Over Traditional Transmission

With the advancement in fiber technology and the need for high-speed signal transmission, fiber optic transmission is being used extensively. But the...


What is Fiber Optics?

Information travels from one point to another in different ways. For example, when we speak on the telephone, the sound is converted...


How are Fiber Optic cables made?

The Bulgin Circular Fiber Connector range offer high quality and reliable fiber connectivity solutions. Suitable for use in industries such as outdoor...


Types of Power Distribution Units

Bulgin's IEC Power Distribution Units (PDUs) have combinations of 4, 5 or 6 outlets together with neon indicator, fuse and switch options....


Use of Circular Automation Connectors in Automation Industry

The Bulgin M-Series connector range is the ideal connectivity solution for industrial automation technologies that require fast, secure and reliable connections with...


Benefits of Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 describes a wave of new technologies which will create a 4th industrial revolution in the coming decades. It will create...


Agriculture Monitoring Systems

Conventional agriculture systems are being replaced and reinforced by modern technologies. One such technology is the Agriculture Monitoring System.  It makes use...


Types of Data Centres


Indicators & Their Types

Bulgin's range of panel mount LED indicators consists of many different bezel styles, types of LEDs and colours. With the incorporation of...

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