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High performance and dependability are crucially important in medical technologies. This is why Bulgin’s reliable and robust components are used in all areas of the medical industry from the production of pharmaceutical drugs to therapeutic, imaging, diagnostics and patient monitoring devices. Bulgin are proud to be recognised as a key manufacturer of medical connectivity solutions and supporting the worldwide Medical Industry in its fight against COVID-19. If you’re struggling to receive medical critical product, please contact us directly on

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Bulgin M5 Series: Compact Waterproof Connectors

The most compact connector type in the M-Series range, our waterproof M5 sensor connectors come in straight and angled forms with PVC...


Bulgin M Series: M8 Industrial Automation Connector Introduction

Our M8 circular connectors and cables are designed to fulfil the ever growing demand for sensor, actuator and data connections in process...


How To Manage Cables In Panel Mount Connectors

This guide on how to manage cables in panel mount connectors is presented by Bulgin's Engineering Team Leader, Chris Taylor.


Rear Panel Mount vs Front Panel Mount Connectors :...

Bulgin's head engineer Christian Taylor discusses the differences between the rear panel mount and the front panel mount connectors.


5 Reasons Why Connectors Are Better Than Hardwiring

Anyone who designs or builds industrial machinery or consumer devices will be confronted with a choice either to “hardwire” cables point-to-point into...


What Makes A Harsh Connector? Connectivity In Harsh Environments...

There is a growing demand for power, signal and data to be made available just about everywhere we look – even in...


Bulgin M Series Introduction

The Bulgin M-Series connector range is the ideal connectivity solution for industrial automation technologies that require fast, secure and reliable connections with...


Bulgin Teaser Video : The Smart Connector Custom Solution

In order to improve farming efficiencies and processes, the agricultural industry has become more precise and technologically advanced than ever before. Now,...


How To Crimp Connector Contacts – Basic Crimping Tips

A handy guide from Bulgin on how to correctly crimp your connector contacts.


The Bulgin Buccaneer Range: Quick & Easy Connections for...

A full range of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K rated environmentally sealed circular power connectors designed to provide secure, robust and watertight...

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