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Fuse & Fuse Holders

Most electrical circuits and electronic equipment come with inbuilt circuit protection in the form of fuses or circuit breakers. This is important...


How Connectors Play An Important Role In Marine Applications

With the marine industry continuously evolving, the demand for more sophisticated marine equipment is on the rise. Also, there is a lot...


ROV’s In The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas fields are present beneath inland water bodies as well as offshore. Exploring, drilling, and development of these oil and...


Transport Refrigeration & The Need For Reliable Components

When perishable food items or harvest produce need to be transported from one point to the other, the conditions in which they...


Bulgin The Underwater Connectivity Consultancy at Underwater Interventions 2020

Bulgin sponsored the Underwater Interventions Show 2020. It was great to discuss our partnership with the MATE ROV competition and also highlight...


MATE ROV Competition 2019 World Championship

MATE ROV Competition 2019 World Championship. MATE’s international student underwater robotics (remotely operated vehicle or ROV) competition consists of an international event...


Bulgin Case Study: Student Robotics Team

With the organisers of MATE International ROV Competition putting pressure on teams competing to create smaller ROVs year-on-year, Jesuit Robotics Team of...


Bulgin Case Study: Aqua Control Fountains

In order for Aqua Control to test and put their fountains into practice it is imperative that they have secure connections that...


Why Fiber Optic Testing Is Important

The Bulgin Circular Fiber Connector range offer high quality and reliable fiber connectivity solutions. Suitable for use in industries such as outdoor...


Bulgin Rugged Switches

With an extensive range of Push Button, Vandal Resistant, Piezo, Slide, Toggle and Rocker switches available, Bulgin & Arcolectric’s switch range is...

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