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High performance and dependability are crucially important in medical technologies. This is why Bulgin’s reliable and robust components are used in all areas of the medical industry from the production of pharmaceutical drugs to therapeutic, imaging, diagnostics and patient monitoring devices. Bulgin are proud to be recognised as a key manufacturer of medical connectivity solutions and supporting the worldwide Medical Industry in its fight against COVID-19. If you’re struggling to receive medical critical product, please contact us directly on

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Custom Connectivity Solutions from Bulgin. Meet the Rapid Response...

Rapid Tailored Solutions. From cable assemblies through to custom deep sea connectors and box builds, Bulgin is able to provide bespoke services...


The Bulgin 9000 Series Buccaneer: High Power Circular Connector

A range of high amperage flex body, flex body in-line and flange mount connectors rated to IP68. These Delrin housing multi pin...


The Bulgin Rectangular Power Connector PX01 Series

Standard Rectangular Power Connector The Bulgin Standard Rectangular Power Connector range offers a reliable, rugged solution for cable to cable applications in...


Robotics for Students – How does it help?

As technology moves ahead at a breakneck speed, we all need to adapt and cope with the world changing around us. And...


Water Fountains – Maintenance and Care

A water fountain can add a lot of character and beauty to an outdoor space. Whether it is a small stand-alone water...


How Connectors Play an Important Role in Swimming Pools

We all have seen swimming pools around us. But do we know how they work? The concept is simple: a large pool...


How Can ROVs Help Us? Different Applications of ROVs


Bulgin Presents: Types of Nebulisers


Bulgin Presents: The Role of Digital Dental X-Ray Machines


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