Stainless Steel Illuminated Vandal Resistant Push Button Switches

MPI001 Series

    • Stainless Steel Illuminated Vandal Resistant Push Button Switches
    • 22mm diameter bezel, 19.2mm Panel Cutout
    • Single pole, push to make, tactile (momentary action)
    • Choice of Termination, depending on part code:
    • — /28 - 2.8mm Tab
    • — /TE or /TERM - Screw Terminal
    • — /RP - Solder Tag
    • — /FL - 300mm Flying Leads; white - switch, red - LED +, black - LED -
    • Choice of Illumination style depending on part code:
    • — Part codes prefixed MPI001 - Centre dot
    • — Part codes prefixed MPI002 - Ring
    • Choice of LED colour depending on part code:
    • — Single colour: /RD - Red, /GN - Green, /AM - Amber, /BL - Blue, /WH - White
    • — Dual colour (only available in 2.8mm Tab & Screw Terminal versions): /D1 - Red/Green, /D4 - Red/Blue, /D5 - Green/Blue
    • (When dual colour LEDs are forward biased the first colour is lit, when reverse biased the second colour is list)
    • Choice of LED operating voltage depending on part code suffix:
    • — Resistor installed for operation at a single fixed voltage: /6 - 6V DC, /12 - 12V DC, /24 - 24V DC
    • — Also available with no resistor installed (no suffix) - see data for ratings to enable calculation of suitable series resistor value for application
    • Front panel seal to IP66 (microswitch not sealed). /RP Solder Tag versions are also rear panel sealed to IP66

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