Sealing Caps

6000 Series Connectors

    • Sealing Caps for 6000 Series Power and Data Connectors
    • Use to maintain IP rating of unmated connectors
    • PXP6081 fits PXP6010 Power Connectors; PXP6040, PXP6041 Flex USB Connectors; PXP6034, PXP6037, PXP6038 Flex/Patch Cord Ethernet Connectors (push fit)
    • PXP6082 fits PXP6011 Power Connectors (30 degree push twist lock)
    • PXP6083 fits PXP6012 Power Connectors; PXP6042, PXP6043 Front Panel Mount USB Connectors; PXP6033 CAT5e Coupler Ethernet Connector (30 degree push twist lock)
    • PXM6081 fits PXM6010 Series Flex Power Connector, PXM6034 Rewireable Flex Ethernet Connectors (push fit)
    • PXM6082 fits PXM6011 Series Inline Power Connector (30 degree push twist lock)
    • PXM6083 fits PXM6012 Series Front Panel Mount Power Connector, PXM6033TP Front Panel Mount CAT5e Ethernet Coupler (30 degree push twist lock)

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