Our global team is the driving force behind our success and constant innovation.

The backbone of our international operation is our employees.

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tunisia to our strategic hub in California and our epicentre of design and research in Cambridge, each location plays a vital role in bringing our vision to life.

Through careful production procedures and strict quality control methods, our committed associates in Tunisia continue our dedication to quality and efficiency. Our USA location in California acts as a strategic centre for product management and worldwide outreach, where our plans and concepts are implemented. And our team of talented engineers and corporate support services members collaborate in Cambridge.

Our global sales and client support colleagues work tirelessly to ensure our ground-breaking products reach every corner of the world, making a lasting impact.

We strive for excellence through innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

At Bulgin, we celebrate individuality and believe in creating category-driving innovations that deliver on highly demanding projects, making us a standout company to work for.

We value diversity, collaboration, and excellence, and these values are reflected in our team and work.

Sustaining our Communities

Unwavering Integrity

People Focussed

Customer Obsessed

Transparent Leadership

Continuous Learning

Strength Through Diversity

Operational Excellence