Above Water.

Surface marine applications such as ship deck systems, marina facilities and boating equipment are constantly exposed to the harshest of conditions. With high corrosion and water ingress posing a constant threat to connectivity solutions, sealed and robust components are a must for applications in this market. Originally designed for leisure yachts, our Buccaneer connector range is perfectly suited to meet the challenging requirements of marine applications both above and below water level.

With a wide portfolio of IP rated power, signal and data connectors, along with years of experience in designing and manufacturing sealed interconnect solutions, we are sure to have the right solution for your marine connectivity needs. If our existing product range doesn’t meet your specifications, then our experienced engineering teams have the knowledge and expertise needed to create a custom solution specific to your unique requirements.


  • Boat & Yacht Lighting
  • Water Quality Systems
  • GPS Marine Equipment
  • Container Ship Communication
  • LED Marine Lanterns


  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV)
  • Water Flow Data Loggers
  • Marina Energy Distribution Units
  • Sailboats


Operating underwater requires the most rugged and reliable of connectivity
components, as pressure, extreme temperatures and salt water all pose complex challenges for underwater marine applications. With more companies seeking to go deeper for longer in such hostile conditions, this has increased the demand of life cycles for submersible connectors, along with the simplification of product maintenance processes.

With a high risk of corrosion affecting the integrity of power, signal and data connections, sealed connector solutions are a must for high performance underwater marine equipment. Bulgin’s expertise in producing environmentally sealed connectors makes us one of the world’s leading interconnect providers for marine application solutions where immersion is required in low and high pressure underwater environments.



  • Sealed Diving Cameras
  • Diver Communication Equipment
  • Depth Loggers
  • Subsea ROV


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