The Challenge

In environments where connectors and cables are exposed to high pressures and submerged in water for extended periods, secure and waterproof electrical connections are vital for ensuring that installations can be easily assembled, modified and maintained.

Our Approach

As pioneers in environmentally sealed connectors, Bulgin was approached by the world’s largest manufacturer of ROV’s which combined quick and convenient connectivity with long-term corrosion resistance.

Our Solution

Drawing on Bulgin’s extensive expertise in environmental sealing, the ROV Tether Connector is a custom solution that provides a quick yet secure coupling and locking mechanism. This ensures that the connector can withstand demanding subsea conditions – such as high pressures and extreme temperatures – whilst providing the same uninterrupted power and data connectivity as the company’s standard product ranges, as well as fiber optic signal feeds.

In addition to its 5kV, 32A rating, this Deep Sea Tether Connector also features dynamic pressure balancing via free flow of dielectric oil from the surface to the connector, enabling ROVs to operate at subsea depths of up to 7000m.

Engineered to prevent problems happening in the first instance, the ROV Tether Connector helps reduce cable termination time & potential downtime for subsea projects.

The Results

Our client is the largest manufacturer of subsea ROVs, and is leading the way with this technology. The company’s latest product, which features the ROV Tether Connector, was unveiled at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Texas, USA.

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