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Types of Data Centres


Indicators & Their Types

Bulgin's range of panel mount LED indicators consists of many different bezel styles, types of LEDs and colours. With the incorporation of...


Benefits of Implementing Industry 4 0 in the Manufacturing...

Industry 4.0 describes a wave of new technologies which will create a 4th industrial revolution in the coming decades. It will create...


Data connectors

Bulgin's range of dust and waterproof Data Buccaneers includes a wide variety of sealed circular connectors designed specifically for Ethernet, USB (including...


Connectors & Their Industrial Applications

In most industrial systems, connectors are required to transmit signals from the cables to other devices or parts of the machinery. These...


Bulgin Guide to Types of Switches

A switch is a device that is used to make or break a circuit as and when required. Every electrical or electronic...


Photoelectric Sensors & Their Applications

A photoelectric sensor is used to detect the presence (or absence) of an object, or for measuring the distance between a point...


A Bulgin Guide to Battery Holders

A battery holder or a battery mount is an integrated or separate cavity to hold cells. If it is a separate compartment,...


Fuse & Fuse Holders

Most electrical circuits and electronic equipment come with inbuilt circuit protection in the form of fuses or circuit breakers. This is important...


How Connectors Play An Important Role In Marine Applications

With the marine industry continuously evolving, the demand for more sophisticated marine equipment is on the rise. Also, there is a lot...

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