Oil & Gas.


With demand for the world’s natural resources increasing, so too are the challenges facing the Oil and Gas industry. Harsh conditions such as pressure, extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock explosions are some of the most common factors impacting this sector.

Bulgin has a variety of solutions to deal with such challenging environments. For instance our Atex Zone 2 and IP rated connectors are perfectly suited to withstand the challenges of explosive and hazardous environments which constantly affect topside systems. We also have the knowledge and in house expertise to provide you with bespoke custom solutions for the most challenging of subsea applications – typified by our deep sea ROV tether connector.








Pipe Inspection System

Oil Rig Surveillance Control Units

Security Video Monitoring

Pump Motors

Industrial Sand Blasters




Subsea ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)






EXPlora Series


6000 Series Power


ROV Connector


Piezo Switches

  Explosion Proof Connectors    Waterproof Circular Connectors    Subsea ROV Tether Connector    Piezo Switches 

Vandal Switches

  Anti Vandal Switches