Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement


Elektron Technology Pie and subsidiaries’ (Elektron) Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is made pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 -“Transparency in Supply Chains”, and was approved by the Elektron Technology Pie Board of Directors on 27 April 2017. All Elektron Group companies rely upon this statement, where necessary, for satisfying the requirements of the abovementioned act. Elektron are proud champions of human rights, and we are constantly looking to further our efforts in this area.

Our Organisation

Elektron designs and manufactures innovative technological products. Elektron is comprised of five core brands:

  • Bulgin, developer of connectivity and switching solutions for demanding applications;
  • Checkit, who provide a work management and automated monitoring solution, easing the burden on companies;
  • Elektron Eye Technology, who develop equipment to screen and monitor the two leading causes of irreversible blindness;
  • Queensgate, developer of Nanopositioning systems; and
  • Sheen Instruments, manufacturer and supplier of quality inspection and testing instruments.

As at the year ending 31 January 2017, Elektron had 928 members of staff across all offices, 8 agency staff and had revenue of £36.3m. Elektron has a global sales network of over 130 countries and over 230 distributors/resellers/agents. Elektron’s manufacturing operations take place in Tunisia and England (Torquay and West Molesey).

Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking

Elektron has several internal policies which protect human rights, all of which are contained in the Employee Handbook. These policies signify the firm stance Elektron takes against modern slavery and human trafficking, and state how an employee can raise any concerns.

All such concerns around human rights, forced labour, exploitation, or human trafficking should be reported to management, and the Executive shall investigate any such concern. Alternatively, any concern can be raised with a member of the Equality and Diversity Committee, or the HR Department. Elektron understands the importance everyone in our organisation places on human rights, and therefore participation and protection at all levels of the organisation is paramount.

Communication on slavery and human trafficking

As part of every employee induction, we identify our ethical stance against modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain, and highlight the relevant policies in the Employee Handbook. All current employees are aware of our stance on this issue, and have easy access to all of our relevant HR policies.

Actions taken in the past financial year

In the past financial year we have initiated the following steps with an aim to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our business or our supply chains:

  1. a comprehensive review of our employment contracts to ensure that the incorporated terms are fair;
  2. the incorporation of an Equality and Diversity Committee, who will champion human rights and ethical practices;
  3. a review and update of the Employee Handbook, and all HR policies contained therein, to clearly state our commitment to human rights and detail how any employee can report in confidence any concerns of malpractice; and
  4. explicit communication of our stance against modern slavery and human trafficking to all employees.

Expectations of suppliers

We expect our suppliers to uphold and advocate the same commitment to human rights that we do. This extends to, and beyond, modern slavery and human trafficking. Any supplier who is found to not be upholding these same principles will be reviewed and, ultimately, replaced if they do not modify their behaviour.

Elektron’s commitment

We shall continue to monitor, review, and evolve our approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, as our knowledge of the risks presented by our business activities and suppliers deepens, and in line with guidance published by the UK government.

Approved by the Board

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Elektron Technology Pie (and subsidiary companies)’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ended 31 January2017.

Keith Daley

Executive Chairman Date: 27 April 2017