1.85mm Series

Our superior quality RF connectors with 1.85mm (V connector, V Type) interface are manufactured with beryllium copper contacts and stainless-steel connector bodies.

2.40mm Series

The 2.40mm series from the RF connector range form part of the wide ranging Radio Frequency interconnect mechanisms, with the 2.40mm connectors being more robust than the traditional SMA.

2.92mm Series

The 2.92mm (K) connector range operate mode-free up to 40GHz and are ideal for high-frequency module and T&M applications. These connectors are also known as K connector, K Type, SMK adapter.

N Type Series

These connectors are used in all systems where excellent Radio Frequency connections and mechanical performance is critical. The N-Type connector range meets many customer application demands, including models that support up to 18GHz.

SMA Series

Our SMA connector range are semi-precision and offer a 50 ohms impedance and a 0.25 - 36 threaded coupling. Offering high performance all within a compact SMA (Sub Miniature version A) connector design, frequently used as standard for antennas, devices and various medical applications.

SSMA Series

The Bulgin SSMA connector series are micro-miniature, precision connectors with excellent electrical performance. Available for both semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables, they are ideal for high-frequency applications.

TNCA Series

Our TNCA connector range offers 50ohms precision connectors. Designed with excellent characteristics over the full frequency range up to 18GHz, the TNCA connector range are also mechanically compatible with TNC connectors.

RF Adapter Series

Our RF Adapter Series offers Straight series connectors in: 1.85mm, 2.40mm, 2.92mm, 3.50mm, N Type, SMA, TNC, BNC, APC-7, Flange Mount and Right Angle. The RF Adapters are used to transfer signals from one connector interface to another.

RF Termination Series

Our RF Termination Series is available in 2.40mm, 2.92mm, 3.50mm, N-type and SMA series. The range also includes standard feed-thru load and RF load versions with male, female, jack and plug genders.

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