900 Series

Our most high powered circular connector in the Buccaneer range capable of up to 32A, 600V ac/dc ratings. Sealed up to IP68 and IP69K, the 900 Series features a secure screw thread lock to ensure robust high voltage connections. This Buccaneer series is well suited to applications requiring dust and waterproof connections for single or three phase power distribution.

Carrying UL, CSA & VDE approvals, these heavy duty cable connectors are ideal for a variety of harsh environment applications such as sewerage and water works, construction sites, external lighting as well as industrial machinery, pumps and motors.

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  1. Sealing Caps For 900 Series Power and Data Connectors
  2. Gland Packs For 900 Series Power Connectors
  3. Panel Mount Connector PX0931 Series
  4. Flex In-Line Cable Connector PX0921-PXA921 Series
  5. Flex Cable Connector PX0911-PXA911 Series
  6. Flange Mount Connector — PX0941 Series

    Flange Mount Connector — PX0941 Series

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    900 Series Connector
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