Standard Series

Tried and tested, the Standard Buccaneer is one of our most popular waterproof connectors in the industry today. IP68 and IP69K rated, these environmentally sealed power connectors have been designed into a wide range of markets such as Industrial, Automotive and Marine, setting the gold standard for dust and waterproof circular connectors.

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  1. Accessories For Standard Series Connectors

    Sealing Caps for Standard Series Connectors

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    Standard Buccaneer Connector
  2. Rear Panel Mount PCB Mount Connector PX0707 Series

    Rear Panel Mount Connector, PCB

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    PX0707 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  3. Rear Panel Mount Connector PX0708-PX0709 Series

    Rear Panel Mount Connector

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    PX0708-PX0709 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  4. Rear Of Panel Back Shell PX0799 Series For Standard Series Front Panel Mounting Power Connectors

    Rear Of Panel Back Shell For Standard Series Front Panel Mount Connectors

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    PX0799 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  5. Pre-Wired Overmould Flex Cable Connector PX0700 Series

    Pre-Wired Flex Cable Connector, Overmolded Cable Assembly

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    PX0700 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  6. In-Line Sealed Cable Joiner PX0777 Series
  7. Front Panel Mount Connector PX0735-PX0730-PX0779-PX0747-PX0738-PX0744-PX0727-PX0796-PX0822 Series

    Front Panel Mount Connector

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    PX0735-PX0730-PX0779-PX0747-PX0738-PX0744-PX0727-PX0796-PX0822 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  8. In-Line Flex Cable Connector PX0737-PX0732-PX0778-PX0749-PX0740-PX0746-PX0729-PX0795-PX0821 Series

    Flex In-Line Cable Connector

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    PX0737-PX0732-PX0778-PX0749-PX0740-PX0746-PX0729-PX0795-PX0821 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  9. Flex Cable Connector PX0736-PX0731-PX0776-PX0748-PX0739-PX0745-PX0728-PX0794-PX0820 Series

    Flex Cable Connector

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    PX0736-PX0731-PX0776-PX0748-PX0739-PX0745-PX0728-PX0794-PX0820 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  10. Low Profile Flange Mount Connector PX0764-PX0765-PX0781-PX0766-PX0767-PX0768-PX0769-PX0797-PX0824 Series

    Flange Mount Connector, Low Profile

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    PX0764-PX0765-PX0781-PX0766-PX0767-PX0768-PX0769-PX0797-PX0824 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  11. Bulkhead Flange Mount Connector PX0757-PX0756-PX0787-PX0761-PX0758-PX0760-PX0762-PX0798-PX0823 Series

    Flange Mount Connector, Bulkhead

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    PX0757-PX0756-PX0787-PX0761-PX0758-PX0760-PX0762-PX0798-PX0823 Series — Standard Buccaneer Connector
  12. Contact Packs For Standard Series 400 Series And 4000 Series Connector Bodies
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