Mini Series Buccaneer

  • Mini Series of modular connectors
  • Water and dustproof to IP68 when mated with compatible connector
  • Choose type of connector body:
  • - Part codes prefixed PX0800 - Flex Cable Connectors (mate with PX0801 Flex In-Line Cable Connectors, PX08 Mini Series Panel Mount Connectors), optionally choose cable acceptance
  • - Part codes prefixed PX0801 - Flex In-Line Cable Connectors (mate with PX0800 Flex Cable Connectors), optionally choose cable acceptance
  • - Part codes prefixed PX0802, PX0803, PX0804, PX0805 - Panel Mount Connectors (mate with PX08 Mini Series Flex Cable Connectors)
  • Choose type of contacts from Screw Terminal, Solder/Crimp Contacts, BNC
  • Choose number of connector Poles and select appropriate connector insert/contact carrier:
  • - Screw Terminal inserts available separately in 2, 3, 4, 6 Pole, Pin or Socket
  • - Solder, Crimp Contact carriers available separately in 3, 8 Pole; select appropriate Contact Pins or Sockets and Polarising/Blanking Pins, Contact Insertion Tool, Crimping Tool as required (all available separately)
  • - BNC Plug or Socket insert available separately in 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm versions for all connector body styles except PX0803
  • PX0800, PX0801 Flex and Flex In-Line Cable Connector bodies have a choice of cable acceptance 3.5mm-9mm diameter depending on part code (see data for details)
  • Pack of Cable Glands for differing cable sizes also available separately (PX0812)
  • Sealing Caps (available separately) can be used to maintain IP rating of unmated connectors:
  • - PX0811 fits PX0800 Flex Cable Connector
  • - PX0810 fits all other connectors in the PX08 Mini Series

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