Standard Series Ethernet

  • Front Panel Mounting Connector
  • Water and dustproof to IP68 when mated with compatible connector
  • Single hole fixing
  • Supplied with panel sealing gasket
  • CAT5e or Cat6a shielded coupler - standard RJ45 patchcord can be plugged into rear
  • PX0833/E or PX0893/E version has additional Earth wire
  • PX0888 Shielding Backshell available separately - fits to rear of connector to maintain RJ45 coupler shielding directly to panel
  • PX0733 Sealing Cap available separately to maintain IP rating of unmated connectors
  • Mate with Cat 5e PX0834, PX0836, PX0837, PX0838 Standard Series Flex Cable Connectors
  • Mate with Cat 6a PX0894, PX0896, PX0897, PX0898 Standard Series Flex Cable Connectors
3D CAD Models

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