400 Series Mini USB

  • Sealing Caps for 400 Series Power and Data Connectors
  • Can be used to maintain IP rating of unmated connectors
  • PX0480 fits PX0412, PX0414, PX0443, PX0456, PX0459 Series (Front Panel Mount)
  • PX0480/1 fits PX0401, PX0411 Series (Flex In-Line Connectors)
  • PX0481 fits PX0400, PX0402, PX0410, PX0415 Series (Overmoulded Flex Connectors)
  • PX0484 fits PX0413, PX0446, PX0447, PX0457, PX0458 Series (Rear Panel Mount and PCB Mount Connectors)
  • PX0485 fits PX0441, PX0442, PX0444 Series (USB Cables) and PX0416 (SMB Flex Connector)

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