Push Button

  • Versatile Range Of Single Contact Push To Make Switches
  • 12mm diameter, raised domed profile
  • Front Panel Sealed to IP65, some variants also available to IP67 (part codes containing 67)
  • Illuminated versions (part codes starting MMPI0120) use bright daytime visible LEDs
  • Choice of Termination, depending on part code suffix: S - Screw Terminals, P - 2mm x 0.5mm Pin Terminals
  • Choice of body material and button material, depending on part code:
  • Stainless Steel body and button: /SSS
  • Nickel Plated Brass body and button: /NNB
  • Black Anodized Aluminium body: /A with PBT button in a choice of colour: RD - Red, GN - Green, BL - Blue, BK - Black
  • All variants available in Illuminated versions:
  • Choice of LED colour, depending on part code: RD - Red, GN - Green, BL - Blue, OR - Orange, AM - Amber (Yellow)
  • Choice of LED operating voltage, depending on part code:
  • Resistor installed for operation at a single fixed voltage: 012 - 12V DC, 024 - 24V DC
  • Also available with no resistor installed (no voltage code) - see data for ratings to enable calculation of suitable series resistor value for application

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