EXP 系列

The EXPlora Series Buccaneer range is an explosion proof variation of the 900 Series - Suitable for ATEX Zone 2 (Gas) and 22 (Dust) applications.

900 系列

Our most high powered Circular Connector in the Buccaneer range - Well suited for applications requiring dust and waterproof connections for Single or Three Phase Power Distribution.


These environmentally sealed Power Connectors have been designed into a wide range of markets such as Industrial, Automotive and Marine - Setting the gold standard for Dust and Waterproof Circular Connectors.


The Mini Buccaneer provides reliable power up to 250V, 10A. With secure, Screw Thread Locking and rated to IP68, the Mini Buccaneer has proved that it can perform in demanding Marine and Industrial applications.

400 系列

With a lightweight and rugged construction, the 400 Series offers highly reliable Power or Signal connections for use within Medical, Industrial, Infrastructure and Automotive applications where space is limited.

4000 系列

The 4000 Series Buccaneer is our most compact and versatile circular connector to date. Perfect for applications across a wide variety of markets requiring fast, Dustproof and Watertight Power Connections.

6000 系列

The 6000 Series Circular Connectors are ideal for applications where ingress of dust and water must be avoided and where ease of connection, space and appearance are important considerations.

7000 系列

Available in Rugged Plastic or Metal Constructions, these Multi Pin Circular Connectors combine an easy to use quick bayonet coupling mechanism with proven environmental sealing for Signal and Mains Power.


Wide variety of accessories for all Buccaneer Series Connectors, including gland packs, sealing caps, crimp tools and pin/socket insertion and removal tools.